When is the Imperfect used?

The Imperfect is used for the following things:

1.      To indicate an action or state viewed as being in progress in the past (ongoing).

2.      For repeated actions in the past.

      3.   To give descriptions of the past.

Conjugating Verbs in the Imperfect tense

The used to conjugate -ar and -er/-ir  verbs in the imperfect are:

-ar: yo- aba, tú- abas, él/élla/usted- aba, nostros- ábamos, ustedes/éllos/éllas- aban

-er/-ir: yo- ía, tú- ías, él/élla/usted- ía, nostros- íamos, ustedes/éllos/éllas- ían


1.       Yo predía la computadora cada maňana.

I turned on the computadora everymorning.

2.      Yo descargaba las fotos en la computadora.

I was downloading the pictures on the computer.

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