Spanish is a very complex and beautiful language which is hard to learn if you are not a native from a Spanish speaking country. This web site was built and designed to help those of you or are not Spanish speakers and are having a hard time understanding the language. Our site is geared to help you learn the preterite and imperfect tense. These leasons should help you better understand the differences between them and when to use each one at the appropriate time. 

  The most basic thing you need to know about the preterite is that it is describing a definite point in the past which has a beginning and an end.

 The Imperfect on the other hand is not much different. It is also used to describe the past but in this case the action is not during a specific time and could possibly still be happening.

Hayden Froud - Researcher, Trey Jenkins - Website Designer, Sara Pixley - Artist, and Wendy Urquilla - Lesson Planner 

Published - March 19, 2010
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